2015 Board 

An Important Announcement to All PRSA Pittsburgh Members: The 2015 PRSA Pittsburgh Board has officially been announced. Click here for list of board members. 

New Committee Chairs have also been announced. Click here to see the Committee Chairs.

Upcoming Event

There are no upcoming events.

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Is Direct Mail Worth Your Effort?

The tangibility of the mail creates a deeper footprint in the brain, allowing your brand to stand out more than in an email. When comparing the two, approximately 70 percent of people claimed to prefer direct mail to online.
06/29/2015 | admin | 0

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Rachel Borowski, Sponsorship Chair

Today we introduce Rachel, a world traveller who recently fulfilled her dream of seeing The Killers in concert.
06/26/2015 | admin | 0

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The problem with product placement

Branding is everywhere. Sitting at my desk, I see Apple products, Lubriderm lotion, a Dell computer and a mug from a local TV station. When I walk down the street, I see a McDonalds, Macy’s and Dunkin Donuts.
06/23/2015 | admin | 0

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