PR Content Manager

BRUNNER is an integrated marketing agency with a fast-paced, creative environment. We love big ideas and are looking to add new talent to our team.

We’re currently looking for a PR Content Manager to help uncover and tell our clients’ stories. If you think PR is all about talking to reporters and writing press releases, this isn’t the role for you. We’re looking for a storyteller who can write compelling stories using a variety of media formats. Whether creating Instagram videos or writing blog posts and media pitches, you will be expected to apply creativity through a PR lens to everything that we create for our clients.

Know how to write press releases in AP style? Great. Now show us that you can create something that people will actually read and share.

Don’t just tell us you’re the person we’re looking for. Show us. Send us a link to some stories you’ve told – your blog, your Instagram account, your online portfolio, your Snapchat story, or whatever you use.

Primary Responsibilities:

The PR Content Manager is responsible for injecting creativity and innovation into every story we tell.

  • Develop and present tactical creative content concepts to the account team and/or clients that you then implement.
  • Develop, create and deliver compelling content including but not limited to: press releases, social media content, blog posts, images, photos, web site copy, video, etc.
  • Build collaborative relationships with other departments within the agency to increase the quality and diversity of the content you create across all channels.
  • Develop content for PR/Social Media that requires little or no editing before publishing.
  • Develop media pitches, press releases, and media kits and send them to reporters, editors, and producers.
  • Build and maintain relationships with members of the media and online influencers.
  • Assist senior management in the development of editorial calendars, PR and content strategies, and measurement reports.
  • Provide onsite support for client events, including trade shows, presentations, and meetings.
  • Author original copy for clients and senior executives that require little editing.
  • Author original copy under your own name that will be published externally.

Required Skills:

  • Curious. If you’ve ever found yourself watching the Discovery Channel at 2am, you know that a great storyteller can make anything interesting. It’s your job to take what some may seem routine or even mundane and find the angle that makes it interesting.
  • Versatile. Writing is just one way to tell a story. There are also photos, videos, infographics, presentations, podcasts – you will be expected to use all of these tools to tell your stories.
  • Driven. Our clients’ stories aren’t handed to us on a silver platter. You have to be willing to dive deep into their business to uncover the stories they should be telling, the stories that will help them reach their business objectives, the stories their customers want to hear.
  • Organized. The ability to successfully organize, prioritize and manage multiple projects in a deadline-driven environment is a must. The more self-motivated, the better.
  • Handy. Being proficient in Microsoft Word isn’t going to cut it here. You must also be comfortable using multimedia software like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere, and Audacity, as well as social media tools like Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook.

Required Experience:

  • A degree in Public Relations or Communications
  • 1-3 years of experience in PR, journalism, marketing, or publishing
  • 1+ year of experience in an agency environment or one year of experience in a brand management role
  • Experience working with multiple brands across multiple different industries – a diverse perspective is a must!

To Apply: 

Contact Steve Radick, Vice President and Director of Public Relatoions at