Won’t you be a blogger?

Because you know you love a Mr. Rogers reference

Even if you say you don’t make resolutions, you probably think about things you want to change. The New Year has that effect on people. It’s easier to start your diet on a Monday than the weekend and it’s better to enjoy Christmas before you resolve to be better.

Personally, I love resolutions. They’re like a year long to do list that keep you in line and help you better yourself. Sure, my ‘year-long list’ often is more like a few weeks or months, but it provides the framework for how I want to live. Typically I include the given resolutions, like eat less and work out more, but as I get older I find myself focusing on professional goals and values.

When I joined the PRSA Pittsburgh board in 2014, I had a set of goals in mind based on research I’d done. As social media coordinator, I knew I wanted to increase our followings and establish more of a unique voice and style for who we are. My biggest priority was creating the blog. How hard could it be?

Turns out really hard.

The first step was figuring out a platform. The next was content. The third was writers. Once we had all of this locked down, the rest was smooth sailing, right? Wrong. Almost three years later and the blog proves as much of a challenge as ever. Fortunately, the blog has grown and now we have a whole position on the board dedicated to it.

For two years I was hands on in the blog, writing, editing, emailing and posting to keep the content fresh. As I move to the Director of Communications for PRSA Pittsburgh, it’s time to pass the reins and make a request of our membership: contribute!

Writing is the first activity of public relations and one most of us do every day, whether it’s for social, a news release or web content. Because of this, we have the prime group of people available to help us continue to improve the blog with quality content. Starting in 2016, we’re looking to get more Pittsburgh practitioners involved with the blog.

Whether it’s a member spotlight, company highlight or employee profile, we need you! We also want original articles commenting on current events, industry trends and responses to monthly themes. Essentially, we have the writing opportunity for you.

Throughout the year, we’ll send out emails requesting articles and reach out to you directly for input. When you’re inspired, send your work to us as well! You can reach out to our Blog Coordinator Valerie Bennett at valerie.k.bennett@gmail.com with ideas and posts. She’s available to help you whenever you need her.

So this year, better your professional life and resolve to write more. Maybe you don’t need to make it an official resolution, but definitely add it to your to do list! Here’s to having a productive (but not overly busy) 2016!


Chelsea N. Cummins is the marketing coordinator at Goldberg, Persky & White and Director of Communications for PRSA Pittsburgh. Her passions in life include Jesus, her nieces, Twitter rants and blogging about all her ill-advised decisions. And obviously the field of public relations. Please be her friend: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | LinkedIn

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