Grow in Your Career: Tactics May Issue Recap

By Bre Stephens

While one chapter is ending for many college students, another begins as they leap into the world of PR. Whether you’re a recent grad or a seasoned PR pro, the May issue of Tactics is packed with tips and tricks for taking your career to the next level.

Dig into this month’s issue to learn how to kickstart your career, flourish as a young professional and make a name for yourselfwhile standing out from the rest.

You’re Hired: 8 Secrets to Help You in the Job Application Process

  • Want to know how to differentiate yourself from the crowd during your job hunt? Danny Rubin, author of “Wait, How Do I Write This Email?”, offers eight tips for making yourself memorable, such as tapping into the power of storytelling. “Learn to tell your own story and doors will open.”

Life After College: How to Attract Potential Employers

  • One of the toughest challenges new grads face is standing out from their competition. Ron Culp, Fellow PRSA, says that sharpening your literacy skills, crafting an impactful personal statement and boasting your extracurricular work will help with the transition from student to professional.

4 Ways to Continue Growing in Your Career

  • Hanna Porterfield, senior account executive, Development Counsellors International, discusses how PR pros can continue to thrive in the early stages of their careers. One tip? Cultivate your writing skills by launching a personal blog.

Standing Out: What Recruiters Look For in Job Candidates

  • What does your online presence say about you and your career? Stephen Dupont, APR, vice president of public relations and branded content for Pocket Hercules, explains the importance of having a strong digital footprint to attract recruiters and land the job.

News Team: Newsroom Lessons That Benefit Young PR Professionals

  • Bill Atkinson, partner in 212 Communications, shares the best way for PR pros to successfully work with the press: think like them.

Read the latest issue of Tactics here.

Bre is an assistant account executive at Havas PR. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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