From Student to Professional: Make the Move and Join PRSA

By Jordan Mitrik

Dear PRSSA graduates:

Congratulations! You’ve successfully earned a college degree and are ready to enter the professional world.

What’s first on your post-grad to-do list? Aside from taking a huge sigh of relief, we suggest you join PRSA as an associate member. Here’s why:

We’ve got a Young Professionals section dedicated just for you.

PRSA provides benefits and opportunities to all levels of professionals, including recent grads. Our Young Professionals Section is dedicated to making the transition from student to professional as smooth as possible. Through events, workshops, agency tours, blog posts and other initiatives led by our board members, you can learn how to launch your career in no time.

You’ll have the opportunity to network and find a mentor.

Trying to navigate your career path your first year can be challenging. Don’t go through it alone. When you join PRSA, you will be immediately introduced to a number of seasoned professionals who are willing to help you find your place in the industry.

Having a mentor is an investment of your time that is almost guaranteed to pay off tenfold in your early years as a professional. Look to see who is already around you or who you can reach out to for advice. Take the initiative and schedule a coffee date with a professional and see how you can both benefit from this new found relationship.

You can continue to learn about the industry you’ve developed a passion for.

Now that college is over, it’s up to you to gain new skills and continue to enhance your education about the industry.

PRSA offers programs that help sharpen your skills and expand your public relations toolkit. With a PRSA membership, you will receive the latest industry information directly to your inbox, have access to members-only webinars and learn from industry leaders by reading PRSA’s award-winning newspaper Tactics. Our professional development events and workshops are also great resources to stay up-to-date on trends and build critical knowledge.

There’s no better time like the present to enhance your career and professional development. Take that next step and join PRSA – we even have a special deal for recent graduates! Check out our rates here. If you have any questions about membership, contact our 2017 Membership Chair Meredith Amoroso.

Jordan Mitrik is a junior content creator at BRUNNER, a top U.S. full-service Marketing/Advertising agency in Pittsburgh. He also serves as web content manager for PRSA Pittsburgh. Connect with Jordan on LinkedIn.

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