Ethics Month Special: Tactics September Issue Recap

By Bre Stephens

As PR professionals, we’re often faced with situations that force us to use our moral and ethical compass to guide clients or own organizations. Since September is Ethics Month, it’s only fitting that this month’s issue of Tactics touches upon how to deal with crises, navigate ethics as young professionals and ground ourselves in our own principles — while aligning with the PRSA Code of Ethics.

3 Tips for Navigating Ethics as a New Professional

  • It can be challenging to navigate the murky waters of ethics, especially as a young professional. Lindsay Moeller, PR executive at Two Rivers Marketing, outlines her top three tips on ethics for new pros.

A Matter of Principle: How to Be a Truly Trusted Strategic Ethics Adviser

  • James E. Lukaszewski, APR, Fellow PRSA, discusses how to define your personal core values and principles to best resolve ethical dilemmas.

Recovery Mode: Bouncing Back From a Crisis, Stronger Than Ever

  • When a crisis strikes, it’s vital to properly execute your organization’s crisis plan, with keen attention on the crisis recovery phase. Bob McNaney, senior vice president of crisis and critical issues for Padilla, offers insight into how to come out stronger than ever after a crisis.

Can Ethics Exist Without Principles?

  • Jonathan R. Slater, Ph.D., director of the Institute for Ethics in Public Life at SUNY Plattsburgh, explains how the PRSA Code of Ethics — coupled with your own instinct — can guide you in ethically challenging situations.

When Crisis Strikes: A Guide for Small Businesses

  • V.K. Fields, founder of V.K. Fields & Co. PR PROS, understands that a crisis can happen to any company — no matter the size. She shares how small businesses without a crisis management/communication plan can prepare themselves following a few basic steps.

Read the latest issue of Tactics here.


Bre is an account executive at Havas PR. Follow her on Twitter or connect with her on LinkedIn.

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