Learn about Cision Impact at PRSA Pittsburgh’s Holiday Party!

By Courtney Dwyer Tyson

Hi, PRSA Pittsburgh! Courtney from Cision here. Some of you may know me as your PR Newswire representative, turned Cision representative, others may not be familiar with who I am. I have been with PR Newswire and Cision for more than 8 years now, and have had the pleasure of helping organizations in the Pittsburgh market tell their stories for the past two years. I have completely fallen in love with your city, and most of all, the communicators who reside here, who I have found to be some of the most innovative and open minded individuals I’ve come across during my career.

In fact, it’s this market in particular that has consistently challenged me when it comes to equating your efforts to ROI. Whether you are expected to show value to your client, leadership team or CFO, all communicators are looking for the same thing – a way to attribute value to the things you do every day. For example, what did that story in the New York Post do for the organization? The Incline mentioned us in a blog post, we’ve got the clip, great, so what? We know that earned media is more trusted than paid, but our paid media counterparts get a larger piece of the budget because they can report on how an ad affected an organization’s revenue.

Well communicators, please know that you have been heard!

Two weeks ago, Cision Impact was launched, and for the first time ever, Cision is bringing to market technology that makes it possible for brands to measure the impact of earned media and marketing communications programs accurately. Our technology allows professionals to compile information in a detailed report, ready for delivery.

Kaila Garrison, Cision’s Vice President of Marketing (Pittsburgh native and mastermind behind our Cision Impact launch!), and I will be discussing Cision Impact in more detail during PRSA Pittsburgh’s annual Holiday Happy hour on Monday, Dec. 11, at Poros.

To learn more about how Cision will be changing the way communicators attribute value to efforts, please come join our conversation!

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