Duquesne PRSSA’s Experience Hosting its Third Annual Networking Event: “Bridging Opportunities”

By Duquesne PRSSA

This semester, our Chapter has held its third annual “Bridging Opportunities” networking event on Friday, March 23, from 5:30-7 P.M. in the Duquesne Student Union. This event continues the tradition of our Chapter of holding a networking event open to the entire school each spring semester where students can interact and connect with different employers in the marketing, advertising, and public relations field.

Since this is the Chapter’s biggest event of the year, it is very important that we prioritized and executed all of the necessary steps to make the event possible. The first thing we needed to complete was the room request and order food through Parkhurst Catering. Next, we wanted to focus on outreach. We created flyers, brochures, posters, a press release in the Duquesne Duke, and an email blast to all Business and Liberal Arts school students. Lastly, we had to gather information on the companies that we were hoping would attend, create and send an invitation, and then see which companies confirmed.

On the day of the event, timing and logistics were very important. We had to make sure we picked up the catered food on time, make sure representatives knew when and where the event was taking place, and make sure other PRSSA members could get to the event. Finally, any expenses we had were written down in a spreadsheet, included with receipts, were given to the Reimbursement Center. Overall, we learned that time management is crucial.

If you don’t manage your time wisely, duties can begin to add up, causing a hectic and stressful situation. We also learned that things don’t always go as planned. We had to adjust on various different occasions, but just because you have to take a different approach, it doesn’t always mean that the overall goal will be ruined.


Students who join PRSSA at Duquesne University participate in professional development, firm tours, visits from public relations professionals and hands-on, skill building public relations activities.  In addition, our Chapter sponsors networking opportunities in the form of talks and roundtable discussions led by Pittsburgh’s top public relations professionals.

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