For 2020 Planning, Be a G.R.I.N.C.H.

Originally published in MediaPost

By: Jordan Mitrik


Everyone has heard “Don’t be a Grinch!”

That’s a phrase that resurfaces every year — plastered on ugly Christmas sweaters and holiday party invites — referencing the iconic yet mean-spirited titular character in Dr. Seuss’ “How the Grinch Stole Christmas.”

If someone calls you a Grinch, they’re insinuating you’re a grump or killjoy. No one wants to be a Grinch.

But a G.R.I.N.C.H. is an entirely different matter.

As you build strategic 2020 recommendations for your brand (or brands), use this time of year to assess the current landscape and how you — as a digital marketer — can enhance the overall experience for customers at every touchpoint.

Here’s how.

[G]et a grip on data analytics.

Everything we do is driven by data, which is able to deliver valuable insights that can inform planning, the user experience and more. Make 2020 the year you collect, manage and better analyze data to help understand customers’ behaviors and adjust your approach based on that insight. If you commit to supporting data analytics in marketing, you’ll make better optimizations and recommendations that should increase profits.

[R]efine content through audience messaging tests.

Running an A/B test lets you compare two versions of content with different variables (such as copy or design) that are shown to users to ultimately determine what performs best based upon campaign objectives. If you’re unsure if a “Buy Now” or an “Add to Cart” CTA will deliver a higher click-through rate, test it before the campaign formally launches.

A/B testing allows dollars to be used more efficiently and let you get to know your audience better.

[I]ncorporate influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is progressively more popular among brands. According to Influencer Marketing Hub’s “Influencer Marketing 2019 Study,” 86% of brands intend to allocate budget to influencer marketing over the next year.

Creating long-term partnerships with influencers outside of a company’s four walls builds third-party credibility, among other benefits.

[N]ail down your content strategy – and stick to it.

Now’s the time to evaluate your content strategy and make refinements to reflect 2020 business objectives. Are there new content types to introduce? Does the publishing cadence need updating? Having a successful content strategy starts with a solid foundation. Answer these questions now to prevent roadblocks later.

[C]reate SEO-friendly content.

For your brand to thrive online, you need SEO-optimized content favoring Google’s algorithms and boosting search rankings.

Are you conducting keyword research to see what your audience is searching? Adding backlinks to older content? Mature plans by including an SEO strategy.

[H]ave a mobile-first mindset.

According to Facebook data, people are consuming content 41% more on mobile versus desktop. When brainstorming and producing content — whether it’s videos, landing pages or e-newsletters — create a user experience with mobile in mind.

Get in the 2020 spirit by being a G.R.I.N.C.H. You’ll find yourself on your brand’s nice list.


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