About the President

2017 PRSA Pittsburgh President, Steve Radick

“One of my goals for PRSA Pittsburgh is to activate the membership so that they have higher levels of energy and passion. I draw a lot of energy from diverse perspectives shared here.”

– Steve Radick, 2017 PRSA Pittsburgh President

The President serves as the leader of the chapter and presides over all meetings of the chapter, the Officers and Committee Leads and has primary responsibility for the general welfare of the chapter. The President sees that all orders and resolutions of the chapter board of directors and members are carried out and is responsible for developing the chapter’s strategic direction, ensures that the entire Board is in alignment with PRSA and PRSA Pittsburgh strategic imperatives, actively develops/ implements an ongoing strategic plan for the chapter and provides oversight to all functional areas and respective leaders. The President encourages internal communication and fosters efficiency and effectiveness within the team of chapter leaders.

Specific responsibilities include:

  • Presides over all regular and special meetings of the Board.
  • Appoints, with the approval of the Board, committees and committee leaders, ensuring that the potential of each member is recognized.
  • Serves as an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.
  • Coordinates the functions of all officers and committees. Ensures that the committee structure operates smoothly and that the purpose of committees is routinely evaluated.
  • Directs the overall operations of the Chapter. Oversees the planning and goal-setting process. Recommends and directs the execution of policies and programs in the interest of members and with approval of the Board. Co-signs with at least one other officer all written contracts and obligations of the Chapter.
  • Monitors the financial health and financial management of the Chapter in cooperation
    with the Board and Executive Director (if applicable). Has signature authority on all Chapter accounts and ensures all IRS requirements are met.
  • Represents or designates a chapter member to represent the Chapter within the PRSA District. Selects an alternate if Assembly Delegate is unable to attend Assembly meetings. Ensures the Chapter meets the minimum standards for chapters as outlined by PRSA.
  • Oversees the work of any individual or firm the Board of Directors may hire to assist in the conducting of Chapter business. Supervises and coordinates the annual evaluation of these individuals or firms.
  • Serve as a spokesperson for the organization.
  • Mentor President-elect and transfer knowledge to prepare that individual for their term of office.