About the Multimedia Lead

Michela Hall, Freelancer and Research Assistant 

Michela is a freelance content creator specializing in videography, photography, and social media management. She is a producer and operations officer for Overseas Famous LLC, a media company which focuses on the trials and tribulations for athletes outside of the United States.

Michela also currently serves as a Research Assistant for the Institute for Ethics & Integrity in Journalism at Duquesne University.

Michela has completed her coursework for her MFA in Media Arts & Technology at Duquesne University. Now, she is planning her Capstone project and first feature-length documentary about feminism in the realm of motorcycle culture. She completed her BA in Sports Information and Media with a minor in Business Management in 2019 at Duquesne University.

When she isn’t working in media, Michela can be found singing gigs at various venues throughout the city.