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Pittsburgh International Airport (Allegheny County Airport Authority)

Information about the RFP is available on Pittsburgh International Airport’s website:

This is a Request for Proposal. It is not an offer, a contract nor an invitation for bids. The submission of a proposal, in response to this request, constitutes an invitation to negotiate and not to bid. The submission of a proposal does not impose any legal obligation upon either the Allegheny County Airport Authority or the party submitting the proposal, nor does it create any contractual or quasi-contractual relationship between them. The Allegheny County Airport Authority reserves the right to reject or disregard any or all proposals, to negotiate with any or all firms submitting proposals or with firms not submitting proposals, and to enter into a contract with any firm for any or all of the services described herein. Your firm can obtain a copy of the RFP and instructions at: on behalf of the Department of Procurement, Allegheny County Airport Authority, Pittsburgh International Airport, Landside Terminal, 4th Floor Mezzanine, PO Box 12370, Pittsburgh, PA 15231-0370.