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2019 PR Summit

PRSA Pittsburgh Annual PR Summit

Failing Forward

Success wouldn’t be possible without learning from one’s mistakes. But in order to learn from mistakes, we have to make mistakes—and that’s what this year’s PR Summit is all about.

We’ve all attended conferences and presentations where we hear about best practices and case studies, but what we don’t often hear about are the failed campaigns that came before. Or the thousands of social posts that were created before that one went viral. Or the dozens of failed pitches before that one the client finally accepted. We can learn just as much, if not more, from each other’s failures as our successes.

Join PRSA Pittsburgh at the Ace Hotel on October 1 for an evening of networking, learning, and failing forward. We’re looking for speakers and panelists willing to ignore those award-winning ideas, and talk about the presentation you bombed, the event you planned where no one came, or the campaign you created that met exactly 0 of your KPIs. Join us as we discuss how past failures, and learning from those failures, shape us as professionals—and how overcoming obstacles has helped advance our careers. Potential topics include failed projects, pitches that went awry, job interviews that took a turn for the worse—anything that’s helped you to fail forward in this fast-paced world of public relations. We want summit attendees to come away knowing:

  • that fear of failure is sometimes worse than failure itself,
  • how to recover after failing, and
  • why failing can be a good thing.

If you’re interested in speaking, send an email to Megha Pai with your name and a 100-word summary of your story, or fill out the form below. We’ll review all submissions as we build the day’s agenda, and get back to you by the end of the month if your submission is accepted.

*PRSA Pittsburgh is unable to offer any speaking fees for this event, although all of our speakers will receive free admission to the PR Summit, including food and refreshments.

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What is PRSA PGH’s PR Summit?

PR Summit is an annual conference, and the second largest event, hosted by PRSA Pittsburgh and geared toward professionals and students in the field. It’s a professional development opportunity for individuals to learn more about how trends in the industry are influencing the work and experts in the Pittsburgh area.

Why Should You Speak at PR Summit?

In addition to networking with individuals both new and practiced in PR and other related fields, you have the opportunity to share your own experiences and advice, motivate and inspire. Be the reason your peers leave PR Summit with a freshly kindled passion.

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“It’s incredible to hear stories and insight straight from the source of the local brands you admire. At PR Summit, you don’t just get the ‘who’ and the ‘what.’ You get the ‘why?'”

Ashley JonesCopywriter & Social Media Specialist, Beyond Spots & Dots