PRSA PGH 2024 Strategic Goals and Objectives

Each year, the PRSA Pittsburgh board develops a strategic plan to guide our communications, programming, and member services. The pandemic and the resulting recovery have fundamentally changed people’s working relationships, both with their employers and their extracurricular activities like PRSA. This is a new reality that PRSA PGH continues to adapt to with varying degrees of success. In 2024, we will apply the lessons learned over the last four years and focus on embracing these new relationships, opportunities, and expectations. This year, we will focus on the following goals and objectives:

Goal 1: Increase interest and engagement within the PRSA PGH Board 

  1. Update Board member value proposition, improving Board member retention and encouraging new volunteers.
  2. Revise Board succession plan and Nomination Committee process.

Goal 2: Improve the integration between communications, sponsorship and programming to drive increased attendance and engagement with PRSA PGH events. 

  1. Create and distribute at least 10 monthly newsletters to membership.
  2. Optimize Mailchimp distribution lists and send more targeted communications to specific groups (e.g., young professionals, APRs, agency employees, etc.).
  3. Develop and distribute a programming calendar by the end of February.
  4. Increase promotional efforts for events by creating event-specific integrated promo plans.
  5. Secure sponsors for at least 50% of our events.

Goal 3: Diversify PRSA PGH membership. 

  1. Increase awareness and membership inquiries from PR practitioners at national brands, universities, and other under-represented organizations in the area through the use of paid media and targeted outreach.
  2. Establish a baseline member conversion rate of PRSSA-PRSA chapter members.
  3. Increase the number of followers/fans/subscribers by 15% over last year (website, newsletter, social media).
  4. Create a member referral program.
  5. Increase promotion and advocacy efforts for diversity-related initiatives (e.g., Black Excellence Scholarship, panels and events, etc.)
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