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Take the first step: Let’s all do our part to make public relations and Pittsburgh more diverse

Support Black-owned businesses, creatives and more with this resource list


By the PRSA Pittsburgh board of directors


As members of PRSA Pittsburgh, we understand that there is a lot of work to be done when it comes to racial equality in our fair city and in western Pennsylvania.

If you haven’t already — and you certainly should — read board member Taylor Fife’s personal reflections on what it’s like to be a person of color in the professional world in Pittsburgh, let us reiterate: The city’s own Gender Equity Commission found that Pittsburgh is the worst city for Black women to live in, according to Bloomberg’s CityLab

As an organization, we want to be a part of the community that is welcoming, encouraging and helps drive change. So in that spirit, we have compiled a list of resources that we hope can help inform decisions from where to donate and what local businesses to support, to how to hire more people of color and include more people of color in leadership roles.

Take the first step by using these resources at the start of every project, and help us make not only Pittsburgh, but public relations as a whole more inclusive and equal.

Our hope is that someday soon, people of color won’t have to feel like they’re the “Only” anymore. And we want to keep growing this list — until we don’t need it anymore! So please email us at or contact us via social media or here on our website.

The best way to be an ally is to stay educated, connected and informed. We’ve provided below resources to help our members stay involved, including ways to donate, sign petitions and network and put that knowledge into action:

Where to donate to Black Lives Matter and related causes

Black businesses you can support right here in Pittsburgh

Tips on how to find and hire Black people for leadership positions

Public relations organizations and resources for Black professionals

Public relations resources and communities led by Black women



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  • Before You Hit Send by Enoma Owens, “encouraging PR pros and media mavens to stay one step ahead before hitting send” on a pitch/email to a reporter


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Black-owned or -led public relations businesses and Black PR leaders in Pittsburgh

Black-owned and -led media for media relations

Black creative professionals

Please email us at or contact us via social media or here on our website to add or be added to this list.

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