2019 Public Service Partnership

Combatting Stigma with NAMI Keystone PA

PRSA Pittsburgh provides communications outreach for NAMI Keystone’s “CEOs Against Stigma” campaign.

What is CEOs Against Stigma?

NAMI Keystone’s campaign engages CEOs and executives in the fight to increase employees’ productivity and wellness by reducing mental illness stigma in the workplace.

Why Mental Health?

  • $210.5 billion

    The amount of money depression costs the U.S. economy per year in absenteeism, reduced productivity and medical costs.

  • 6 hours

    The amount of lost productivity per week employees experiencing depression report.

  • 3x

    This is how much workplace costs increase as the severity of depression goes from mild to severe.

About the Pledge

CEOs who take the pledge will increase their knowledge regarding employee mental health and utilize the information and resources of NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania, including NAMI’s In Our Own Voice program, which is widely recognized as one of the most effective anti-stigma programs in America.

Campaign Highlights

CEOs Against Stigma Breakfast

Executives from nearly 40 companies attended the informative CEOs Against Stigma Breakfast in May.

Photos: Alex Grubbs

NAMI Keystone & PRSA Pittsburgh Happy Hour

NAMI Keystone shared information on the campaign at May’s edition of Off the Clock, PRSA Pittsburgh’s monthly Happy Hour.

Photos: Nick Jones

Press & Perspectives

In the News

A Word from NAMI Keystone

Maria Kakay

Director of Communications and Marketing at NAMI Keystone Pennsylvania

We believe the CEOs Against Stigma project has the potential to be a real game changer for mental health awareness in this region. Stigma is a major reason why many people don’t seek treatment for their mental illness, and as a result, companies lose millions of dollars in lost productivity. We’re hoping this project can educate company executives about the statistics, prompting them to initiate changes that increase productivity as well as improve workplace culture and employee wellbeing. We are thrilled that PRSA Pittsburgh’s public service committee chose NAMIKeystone Pennsylvania for its project.