Why “Off the Clock” is the happiest hour for Pittsburgh PR

PRSA Pittsburgh’s “Off the Clock”

Networking. It’s arguably one of the things we, as communications professionals, do best. It’s how we thrive.

That’s why we at PRSA Pittsburgh created “Off the Clock,” a laid-back monthly happy hour that allows us to meet new minds, learn new perspectives and bounce ideas off other local individuals in our industry.

For the last six months, “Off the Clock” has served as an open, interconnected event that has surpassed our goals. People are meeting and connecting in an environment where they’re able to converse freely without expectations — a space that has led to progressive conversations, partnerships, employment (!) and professional advice. In many ways more important, it has led to good times with great people.

Networking isn’t always the easiest, even if you’re in the communications field. All too often, networking events can feel forced and overly structured. We saw the need for a place that our community of professionals, both new to the industry and experienced, could come together and share the conversations that propel each other, and our craft, forward.

That’s why we choose to meet at Sienna Mercato: Il Tetto, a venue located in the heart of Downtown, Pittsburgh. There are no assigned seats or forced situations, just opportunity. For conversation. For business. For fun.

If we haven’t yet, we hope to meet you and catch a drink at the next “Off the Clock” happy hour.

Never been to a networking event before? Here are some tips and conversation starters.

  • Talk about where you’re from.
    • “Off the Clock” targets professionals in our region — and we love Pittsburgh! Tell us your story. Are you a born and bred yinzer? New to the city? Tell us: “Why Pittsburgh?” What about the city has kept you or brought you here?
  • Bring a friend!
    • Bring a familiar face to a networking event — a colleague, classmate or friend who helps boost your confidence and makes you feel more comfortable. The more, the merrier!
  • Keep going to events.
    • Practice makes perfect. Get out there and get to know the faces in your region and industry. The more events you attend, the more you learn how to start a conversation, keep it going and reconnect.
  • Ask: Where did you start working, and where are you now?
    • Ask people about their professional journey: where they started, where they work now, what they do and how they got there. Sharing career paths isn’t just interesting, it can open the door for potential employment or collaboration.
  • Should we say it again? Have fun!
    • It wasn’t made to be complicated. Relax, drink (alcoholic or not) and enjoy the company of others with similar goals.

P.S. Use the full potential of “Off the Clock!”

Did you catch the recent news about Red Havas? We helped them celebrate the exciting relaunch of their brand with a special themed “Off the Clock” happy hour! Interested in joining forces? Contact us and let’s chat!

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