Close-up of a faded multicolor mural on a brick wall with a sign to the left that says, "Accessible Entry" with a small wheelchair accessible icon

PR Summit Digital Series: Building a More Accessible, Inclusive World

By Megha Pai D&I Committee Co-Chair and Social Media Co-Chair…

PR Summit Digital Series: CEOs Against Stigma Recap

By Nelli Tokleh Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member PRSA…

First PR Summit Session Aims to Transform the D&I Landscape in PRSA Chapters

By Charlene Payne Diversity & Inclusion Committee Member It’s…

Matching the Postcard to the Destination: 'Putting the PR in Press,’ an Event Recap

By Ashley Jones Communications Chair PR and media: They go…
White coffee mug, full of coffee, sitting on long wooden table with wooden chairs out of focus in the background

Uncertain Times Call For Substantial Change

By Jesse Serra Programming Co-Chair Throughout history, it’s…
Diamond-shaped yellow sign with black winding road arrow on a roadside

We Have Infinite Creative Opportunities to Solve Customer Experience Problems

By Steve Radick PRSA Sponsorship Lead [Originally published…

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