The Motherhood: Communicator Tour Recap

A big thank you to everyone who showed up to our first communicator tour of 2017 and our first host: The Motherhood, a social media marketing agency nestled in what used to be the Fort Pitt Brewery, in Sharpsburg, Pennsylvania. 

Located on 16th Street off of Main Street, The Motherhood welcomed us with open arms. Cooper Munroe, CEO, Brittnee Hammonds, director of client services and business development, and Brittany Coburn, director of operations, greeted us as we walked through the doors and into the quaint agency. They still have the original “Fort Pitt That’s It” flooring upon entry, but have updated the space with art and drawings on the colorfully painted walls. 

Students and young professionals began snacking and networking at the beginning of the event and were treated to a tour of the offices shortly after. Cooper took this time to discuss the rich history of the building, including the fact that HJ Heinz started his horseradish business on their office grounds!

Our keynote speaker arrived shortly after our Pittsburgh history lesson began and we were able to officially introduce our speaker for the night, Chaton Turner, one of The Motherhood’s own influencers who blogs about her world, while being a mother and full-time attorney. 

Chaton didn’t just give us insights into an influencer’s life, she also gave us a few tips as PR professionals. When pitching to influencers (or any other media professional!), make sure you read their stories. “Be mindful of what message you are trying to convey… [and] make your message consistent,” Chaton said. Many influencers work with so many organizations that it’s easy to tell who is reading their content to make a connection and who is just sending out mass pitches.

And for those of you trying to juggle work or school with your home life, Chaton believes in staying in the moment and focusing on one thing, not everything all at once. 

Stay tuned for information about our next communicator tour through PRSA Pittsburgh’s social media channels and newsletters! 

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