PRSA Pittsburgh Selects South Hills Interfaith Movement for Pro Bono Services

A team of regional PR professionals will provide communications and PR support to South Hills Interfaith Movement as part of PRSA Pittsburgh’s annual public service project

PITTSBURGH, Pa. – May 10, 2022 – The Public Relations Society of America Pittsburgh Chapter (PRSA Pittsburgh) announced today its pro-bono partnership with the South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM). SHIM mobilizes community resources and implements sustainable programs to help neighbors in several South Hills communities meet basic needs, achieve self-sufficiency and build community. Through the partnership, PRSA Pittsburgh will help SHIM communicate its work with stakeholders in government, philanthropy, and the greater Pittsburgh region to engage more volunteers in their work and raise vital support for their operations. 

“SHIM’s message of building community across faiths and backgrounds through service and empathy is as important now as ever. It is a message PRSA Pittsburgh could not be more proud to amplify,” said Jordan Mitrik, president of the PRSA Pittsburgh Chapter. “The pandemic and now inflation have made the role of nonprofits that support the basic needs of the most vulnerable in our shared community more evident than ever, and our volunteers are excited to use their skills to support SHIM’s work.”

Founded in 1968 by a priest, a rabbi, and a minister to provide food, clothing and services to suburban communities in the South Hills, SHIM now serves over 7,500 individuals every year. A significant portion of SHIM’s program participants are immigrants and refugees, and the organization also supports many young children and seniors, as suburban poverty rates have increased in recent years. 

“SHIM is grateful to PRSA Pittsburgh for this opportunity to build an annual marketing plan that efficiently measures outcomes to provide a template for future growth,” said Seth Dubin, director of development and communications for SHIM. “As we continue to expand and adapt our service offerings, having PRSA Pittsburgh’s expertise will empower us to reach a greater number of clients in need while forming more meaningful relationships with those wanting to support these vital programs.”

PRSA Pittsburgh’s Public Service Project is an annual initiative with goals of supporting local nonprofits, communicating with the community and providing hands-on experience to members. Last year, the organization partnered with When She Thrives and the Grantmarkers of Western Pennsylvania. To learn more or to volunteer for the committee, contact Austin Price at

About SHIM

South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM) is a human services organization dedicated to improving the lives of people in need across the South Hills. Since 1968, SHIM has worked to reduce the devastating effects of suburban poverty among the working poor, unemployed, families, single parents, senior citizens, women, and the high concentration of refugee families in its service area.  SHIM works to identify the most critical needs across the South Hills, then develops and implements effective solutions.  SHIM aims to empower individuals and families to achieve stability and self-sufficiency by offering short-term help with basic needs (food, clothing, utilities) and longer-term support (employment, financial planning, youth programs, family support) to help people build and sustain promising futures.


Attention, PRSA Members: Volunteers Needed

Whether you’re a seasoned communicator or young professional, PRSA Pittsburgh needs your skills to support this year’s public service partner, the South Hills Interfaith Movement (SHIM). The public service committee is looking for contributors with interest and/or experience in:

  • Social media: expertise in building content to drive engagement, grow audience, and increase small donor fundraising
  • Multi-channel marketing and analytics: review comprehensive B2C marketing plan
  • Web design and analytics: audit existing web presence and make strategic recommendations to improve content and layout

The committee meets bi-weekly and will support SHIM through 2022.

If you are interested in joining the 2022 public service committee, email Public Service Chair Austin Price at