About the Sponsorship Lead

Noah Fleming, Steel City Media


  • Manage relationships with current sponsors
  • Research and reach out to potential new sponsors
  • Ensure that each of the sponsors deliverables are met
  • Collaborate with chairs and committees to identify what sponsors would work best for their events

Goals for 2017:

  • Renew most if not all existing sponsorships from the previous year
  • Gain new sponsorships that mutually benefit each other
  • Have a sponsor participate or on site at each one of PRSA Pittsburgh’s events
  • Exceed the projected Sponsorship revenue for another consecutive year

“Becoming a member of PRSA Pittsburgh and eventually onto the board has expanded my network to new heights! Each member provides their own unique experiences and skills which fits with the identity of Pittsburgh.

Would YOU be interested in sponsoring? Let’s talk!”

– Noah Fleming